New handicrafts

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The Craft Café, held every Monday afternoon, welcomes English and French speaking people who were interested in learning and sharing new crafts, in some cases crafts are new to members, and in many cases only known by very senior members in the community.

One member, Nicole, a busy French grandmother who came from a very small village in the Charente loved the opportunity to improve her English, although she had never visited the UK, she also brought knowledge of a wide range of French handicrafts not previously known by English speaking members.

Monday afternoons were filled with much laughter, and exchange of French and English expressions for things as small as the names of craft materials to using French and English craft magasines to make beautiful items such as patchwork quilts.

Nicole brought confidence and interest to the group that quickly improved confidence in using each other’s language, and a shopping trip was quickly arranged for members to visit a number of craft shops in the area which proved to be very successful as previously English members felt intimidated to purchase their materials locally and in most cases brought their craft items from the UK. An excellent result in terms of both language learning, and improving the local economy by creating new customers for the local craft shops.