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Dieses Projekt wird von der Europäischen Kommission kofinanziert. Die vorliegende  Publikation gibt allein die Ansichten des Autors wieder und die Europäische Kommission kann für jedwede Nutzung der Inhalte nicht zur Verantwortung gezogen werden.

Supported by the DI-XL project related with the dissemination and exploitation of LLP results through libraries

Project 2nd Transnational Meeting

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The second transnational meeting in Mansle ( France, 10th May – 12th May 2012) saw the completion of the first task of the partnership – the research phase. The University of Southampton, Tandem and The Hellenic Culture House had undertaken intensive desk research into the use of language café’s, the tandem method and cyber café’s across Europe to support informal language learning, while the other partners carried out field research into the needs of their target audiences. Read More...