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This project is co-funded by the European Commission. This publication reflects the views of the author only and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use of the information contained therein.

Supported by the DI-XL project related with the dissemination and exploitation of LLP results through libraries


METIKOS - Informal Language Learning for Immigrants aims to promote the use of informal language learning methodologies for the training of immigrants. The aim of the project is to adapt informal learning methodologies that already exist (language café, tandem, virtual language café) in the specific needs of the immigrants.


Project Summary

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Language Learning

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Informal Language Learning Methodologies


The project is going to use 3 different informal language learning methodologies

  • traditional language cafe (a number of native speakers facilitating a learning sesion with a group of language learners)
  • tandem (R) language cafe (two native speakers of different tongue which learn each others language by exchange)
  • cyber language cafe (online sessions based on teleconference and chat rooms).