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This project is co-funded by the European Commission. This publication reflects the views of the author only and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use of the information contained therein.

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French volunteer Bernard Mansle


Interview with French Volunteer Thierry Mansle


English participant explaining game in French


French language cafe in practice


French facilitator at work



The director of the 2nd Primary School of Athens Municipality spoke to Christiana Katsarou of HCC about the Language Café that was held in the school. She speaks about this experience and the importance of informal learning.


Those are some moments from the Language Café in Panormou, Athens, Greece with Santiago from Argentina and Sara from Iceland. At the beginning of the video one of the faciltators, Alexandros, presents shortly the procedure of the Panormou Language Café. The other facilitator is Vaso.


Sukbir from Leeds is the second volunteer that was interviewed during our visit at "Meeting Point" in Leeds, where the Language Café was held. She speaks to Lisa Morris about the reasons why she finds this activity important.


One more participant was kind enough to give us an interview about her experience on the Language Café at "Meeting Point", Leeds. She spoke about how she was afraid to speak English and how this proccess helped her feel confident.


Interview with a volunteer who helped participants of the Language Café at "Meeting Point", Leeds to improve their English. She speaks to Chris Brooks (RETAS) about her experience.


Interview with two participants talking about the Language Café that was held at "Meeting Point", Leeds, UK. The two participants didn't want to show their faces on camera, so - during the interview - the one participant was creating a nail art on the other.


"Every Wednesday night, I go to the Language Café with my Mum to help her run it. I serve the tea, coffee and juice and I give out the biscuits.

The café is great for your languages, French and English. If I ask an English person if they would like a drink, I say it in French and if they're French, I do it in English. I speak two languages so it's easy for me. My Mum is the teacher of the Language Café & she helps people to learn English and French. Everybody talks a lot and sometimes my Dad comes to help us. The café is in Civray and everybody has a lot of fun for one hour."

Anna Morris, age 9.


Tom Harris, Trustee of RETAS (the partner organization from Leeds, UK), speaks about his experience in the Metikos program through his participation in the Leeds Language Café meetings.